Thursday, 7 October 2010

Impact of ICT for Development? What is it?

What are the social, economic, and political impacts of public access to ICT?
What is the magnitude of these impacts and how can we measure them?
What is the relationship between costs and benefits of providing and using public access to ICT?
    These are the major questions being investigated by the Global Impact Study, implemented by the University of Washington. 
    In this broader context, we (eNovation) investigate the development journey at individual and community level, through the research carried out at Fusion, Sri Lanka.  While many researchers try to understand why customers visit telecentres, we tried to understand what they gain by visiting on a regular basis.

    'e-empowerment is a journey that the beneficiary (individual or a community) may travel through – commencing with first time exposure to ICTs, and consequently becoming a qualified user able to apply ICTs with confidence. The journey happens through progressive stages. Those stages (indicators) are not essentially sequential;
    • Exposure - first time exposure to computers, and familiarization with ICTs (seeing & touching)
    • Motivation - generate interest to learn, interact and develop ICT skills
    • Skill development - with the assistance of trained staff, develop computer skills
    • Self learning - further self learning  without assistance (or with limited assistance)
    • Exploration - exploring beyond basic computer skills to internet, email, web development, data base development, social networking, teaching others and so on.
    • Application - systematic application of computers/ internet for self or others benefit (teaching, data base development for village work, volunteering).
    • Qualifications - sit for standard exams, acquiring certificates.

    Read more>> Theory of Change, Social impact assessment by Sarvodaya-Fusion

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